Dayun Bike Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, many brands are selling their bikes. Amongst them, some brands are originated here in Bangladesh, and some brands are from abroad. There are many Chinese brands also. Dayun is one of the Chinese bike brands. In Bangladesh, few models of this brand are available.

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Dayun Bike Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Dayun Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Dayun Sprout
82,900 Taka
Dayun Plight 110
85,900 Taka
Dayun Deviser
98,900 Taka
Dayun DY100-A
84,900 Taka
Dayun Panzer 1,27,000 Taka


In the 150 cc segment, this brand has some models. Dayun DY 150-6 is one of them. This bike is a naked sports bike. This cool bike has a 150-cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine which can produce 10kw power @ 7500 rpm. Claimed top speed of the bike is 120 km per hour. It runs about 45 km per liter. This awesome looking bike with 5 gear costs 150,000 BDT. In the same price, you can get Dayun Panzer which one is also a great bike with great feature. This one has just a different look. But if you are in a tight budget, you can buy Dayun Defender which also has a 150-cc engine. No other brand is providing a 150-cc bike in this price.

Price of this bike is 127,000 BDT. In the125 cc segment, you have two options. Dayun Devisor and Dayun Roebuck. Both the bike has a 125 cc engine. They have great mileage and a nice look. You can get the Roebuck in about 115,000 BDT and if you want to buy at a low price then go for Dayun Devisor which costs 98,900 BDT. In 100 cc segment spending 85,000 BDT you can own Dayun DY-100 A. If you spend 8,000 more then in 93,000 BDT, you can get Dayun Sprout 100 which one has a better look and features. Amongst them, there is another one which is a little different because its displacement is 110 cc. In 91,000 BDT Dayun Plight 110 is available. 

All the Dayun bikes have a great look. In a low price range, this brand has a beautiful bike with great features. People who are in low budget and want to get a good bike Dayun is a suitable brand for them.  


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