Dell Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Dell, which is also known as Dell Inc. is the United States-based multinational company. Dell was founded in 1984 and this company is named by its founder Michael Dells' name. Dell mainly operated in the computer hardware industry and placed in the leading position. This company is the biggest worldwide in terms of technological corporations.

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Dell Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Dell Monitors Price in Bangladesh
Dell E1916 18.5" 5700 Taka
Dell E1916Hv 18.5" 5800 Taka
Dell D1918H 18.5" 6100 Taka
Dell E20 19.5" 6700 Taka
Dell E1715 17" 9000 Taka


Dell is known for developing, selling, repairing, and supporting products and services related to computers. Dell sells products from personal computers (PC) to things like servers, network switches, and computer peripherals.

Among the different types of computer peripherals, Dell makes monitors. Throughout the years, Dell has made introduced new technologies and features in their different lineup of monitors.

The Dell UltraSharp lineup consists of models with panels that are very color accurate and are mainly meant for content consumption and content creation work. The monitors start from a 24-inch form factor going up to 34-inch curved monitors. Resolution on most of the monitors is 1080p, but there are models with resolutions like 1440p and 4K like the Dell UltraSharp UP2718Q, which is a 4k monitor with HDR. Pricing starts from BDT20,000 and goes up to BDT1,60,000 for certain models.

Then there is the S-model lineup. This lineup consists of elegant looking monitors with great panel quality, and this lineup also features models like the S2716DG, which is meant for gaming. The size of this lineup is mostly 24 inches to 27 inches. Pricing starts from BDT9,600 and goes up to BDT64,000.

The P-model lineup is mostly for productivity. These monitors are mainly targeted for office work, take photos, and editing videos. The monitor sizes are mainly in 24- 27 inches and resolution goes from 1080p to 4K. Pricing starts from BDT12,000.

The E-model lineup is to get any setup up and running cost-effectively. The E-models are a bit cheaper than the rest of the lists as they are meant to get the essentials done cost-effectively. E-models are mainly 1080P in resolution, and pricing starts from BDT7,200.

Dell’s lineups of monitors are tailored to fit the need for every person, and they give their offerings at a reasonable price.

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