ECO+ Iron Price in Bangladesh

ECO+ is a consumer electronics and home appliance brand operating in a global capacity. ECO+ is a brand that has been working to provide home appliance solutions that have a central concentration on preserving the environment, thus the branding of ECO+. It is quite a recognizable brand in the south Asian markets. They provide a large scale home solution product range for the users. They produce these with less power consumption, eco-friendly materials, and emit less to no pollutants to preserve the environmental health of the household. Instead of these principles, they have the following range of products: UHD, OLED televisions, inverters, smart air conditioners, refrigerator, washing machines, microwave ovens, and more. There is also a range of smaller homecare products from ECO+ as well. Within this range, there is an ironing range of products there as well.

The ECO+ Irons are an innovative product that features an adjustable temperature control and easy-to-use settings for a perfect ironing experience. It is designed to make ironing easy and efficient, offering better results with just one pass.

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ECO+ Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest ECO+ Irons  Price in Bangladesh
Eco+ BML-6139 1200 Taka
Eco+ Ec-s3053 1500 Taka
Eco+ EC-S3072 1200 Taka
Eco+ EC-D0018 1000 Taka
Eco+ EC-s3458 1700 Taka


ECO+ products are always designed in ways that provide the healthiest of solutions. They also carry this over to their smaller range of products. Their iron has got the basics of ironing necessities, with hybrids of two special functions. It provides steam ironing as well as spray based ironing. So you can alternate between two modes according to your needs. There are variable temperature control features for you to control heat for your various fabrics. The power indicator light tells you instantly about the connection. The flexible power cord is good for maneuvering the iron easily. There is also a smooth soleplate on the bottom so that your clothes don’t stick to the bottom.

So ECO+ Irons brings you the best of ironing in an eco-friendly package. ECO+ has the bases, which covered with temperature control, hybrid features and also ensured easy use facilities. There are more ECO+ irons and products being released for the benefit of the users. ECO+ brings the needed things and environment-friendly usage in one place.

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