ECO+ TV Price in Bangladesh

ECO+ is a very popular electronics brand in Bangladesh that has operated in the market for a long time. Stylish design, cutting-edge technology and excellent quality has made this brand a crowd favourite. It has been serving as one of the premiere flagship brands for many famous and reputed electronics vendors in the country. As a television brand, ECO+ has considerable clout and a sizable share in the market.ECO+ has a range of LED Basic and Smart televisions geared mostly towards the customers with a moderate budget.


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ECO+ TV Price List in Banglades

Latest ECO+ Televisions Price in Bangladesh
ECO+ 40" 30000 Taka
ECO+ 24"  13000 Taka
ECO+ 55" 67000 Taka
ECO+ 43" 48000 Taka
ECO+ 49" 43000 Taka


Most ECO+ televisions come in between BDT 35000 and BDT 65000. Within this price range, ECO+ has a myriad of television models that can satisfy the pickiest customer. ECO+ uses only the best components to make its electronics. Its Televisions are no exception.

Most of its TVs incorporate the latest in LED technology with 1920x1080 pixel (Full HD) resolution. Eye acre technology along with HDMI and USB ports also ate readily available in its televisions. For its smart TVs, the brand uses mostly dual core CUP with external storage capacity varying according to models.

The ECO+ offerings open with the ECO+ 40" Ultra Slim Full HD LED TV 40D200A. This model has a 40-inch LED display with an ultra-thin body. With a wide viewing angle and 1920x1080 pixel resolution, this model provides an excellent television experience. HDMI, VGA, and USB ports are also included. This model costs around BDT 34000.

Besides, we have the ECO+ 43" Smart Full HD LED TV 43D200S with a 43-inch full HD LED display. Additional features include Dolby Audio, wide viewing angle, built-in Wi-Fi, complete web browser, HDMI and USB ports. This model is priced at around BDT 45000. A similar model is the ECO+ 43" Inch FHD Smart TV- 43D2170S with its 43-inch LED display. Screen resolution of this model is also 1920x1080 (Full HD) pixels. The model also has an Android OS, USB media player, 512MB NAND, and 1GHz CPU. This model costs around BDT 50000.

Finally, we have the ECO+ 49" Smart UHD LED TV- 49U500S with a 49-inch LED display. Additional features include Surround sound, 178-degree viewing angle, HDMI, Earphone and USB ports. This model comes in at around BDT 65000.  



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