Edifier Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Find Edifier heaIn terms of headphones, there are too many brands right now available in the market. But it is rare to find brands specifically concentrated on headphone only. Certainly, it is measured that brands which have an extensive line of products including headphone are less successful than those brands which are more specifically marked for headphones.dphones price here.

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Edifier Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Edifier Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Edifier K550 940 Taka
Edifier W570BT wireless 2,670 Taka
Edifier G2 Engage 3,100 Taka
Edifier W800BT Wireless 3,550 Taka
Edifier G3  5,000 Taka


In this ongoing century, people now see more rising brands which are focusing on this business platform. But when people look back, they can’t really find too many names which have been successful since the last century. Here, Edifier is one name which has been consistently making valuable products for customers and delivering them in time. Started their journey in 1996 in Beijing, China though they introduced their first product to the market in 1998. With a huge number of 3,000 employees and distributors in over 70 countries, they are now successfully running their operation worldwide.    

Edifier has a wide bunch of collection of a wired and wireless headphone. “W800BT Headphone” is one of their best names in the wireless corner but it has an extension wire, and so it can be used as wired either. Thirty-five hours of battery life enables us to enjoy music for a long period of time without any hassle. Lightweight makes so comfortable for carrying and handling it. This device has all the functional points. Controlling volume, changing the song is not a matter of thinking anymore. This overall package is wrapped in 4,000 BDT. Based on technology and users demand “G4 Headphone” is the most updated presentation of Edifier. Exclusive metal mash design and LED light give it so much lucrative outlook. The USB connection makes it

easier to joint it with any laptop or PC. Added with a virtual built-in sound card assures to feel the rhythm of the beat. Stunning performance along with vibration give it so much real-life experience of feeling the music. This one is priced 7,000 BDT. Most of the headphones price of Edifiers lies between 1,000 to 8,000 BDT. Somewhat it can vary a little as the company hasn’t declared any authorized price level for the resellers.  


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