Energypac Fan Price in Bangladesh

Energypac is a great brand that deals in electronic appliances of various sorts. The brand has been making great electric fans for many years. Energypac fans are known for their great build quality and durability. The brand uses only the best in technology and parts when making their products.

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Energypac Fan Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Energypac Fans Price in Bangladesh
Energypack 56" 2700 Taka


The fans are also very affordable and come with customer-friendly warranty terms. Most of all Energypac fans are known for their efficiency and energy-saving characteristics. Today Energypac is regarded as a very reliable and well-established brand in the industry.

Energypac has a specialty when it comes to Ceiling fans. The brand boasts some excellent models in this category. The models are also fairly priced. Depending on the fan model, an Energypac product in this category may cost between BDT 2000 and BDT 3000 in most cases. The fans are equipped with a whole host of useful functions and features and operate at a standard 220V of electricity. 

Most ceiling fans have the blade length of 56 inches and are equipped with 3 blades, which are aerodynamic and wide for maximum air displacement and wind speeds. The fans are made of rust-free Aluminum sheets to increase durability. Some of the models also feature safety wires to prevent any unwanted and unexpected accidents. Energypac ceiling fans displace about 250 cubic meters of air per minute which is greater than most fans in the market.

The most attractive feature of the fans is that they have some of the most efficient energy consumption rates. Some models consume only 65 watts that can save up to 35% in electricity. The fans also sport great designs that go well with any interior design. Energypac also maintains remarkable customer service and warranty policies. A great model from the brand is the Energypac Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan 56" that costs around BDT 2900.


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