Fantech Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Fantech is an Indonesian company that was established in the year 2006 who manufactures computer accessories and peripherals. Seeing that there was demand for computer accessories and peripherals in the Indonesian markets, the Fantech was established to fulfill the demands of the consumers. With the development of eSports, especially in Indonesian markets, Fantech has made it their focus to provide quality gaming gear in the markets.

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Fantech Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Fantech Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Fantech G13 450 Taka
Fantech UX1 5000 Taka
Fantech X15 1050 Taka
Fantech X4s 1200 Taka
Fantech V5 750 Taka


The gaming mouse that Fantech offers features unique looking designs that give them a very distinct looking appearance. Fantech has a wide range of gaming mouse that they offer. Their main lineups of gaming mouses are their W series, X series, Z series.
The Z series of the mouse comes with multimedia macro buttons that make them great for both gaming and content consumption. The mouse comes with optical sensors, braided cables, and different lighting options.
The X series of mice are especially designed with FPS games in mind. The mouse comes with optical sensors, programmable buttons, braided cables, and some models that also feature RGB lighting. These mouses feature high-frequency polling rates that make them good for FPS games.
The W series of gaming mice features wireless connectivity with a 2.0 GHz connection. These mouses feature PixArt optical sensors that can go up to 2000DPI. The mouse has a long-lasting battery life. These mouses can last up to 6 months with 1 AA battery. The W series of mice doesn’t feature any lighting so that they can save battery life and last for a long life.
Fantech offers a wide range of gaming mice that come with different features and different appearances for people with different needs and different tastes. Fantech makes quality gaming mouse, and they can also be used for productivity, but their appearance surely won’t fit in an office environment.

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