Fantech Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Many businesses got the rise but couldn’t sustain in the market because of lack of communication with the consumer. In this era of technological advancement, it is not really tough to create a product; instead, the toughest part is to make it sold. There are several companies which could be mentioned as a successful one, but unfortunately, they failed to establish the liaison with the users of the product and fall.

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Fantech Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Fantech Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Fantech MH82 2,600 Taka
Fantech HQ50 760 Taka
Fantech MH81 2,100 Taka
Fantech RGB HG17s Visage 1,200 Taka
Fantech HG16 2,100 Taka


Fantech is always determined to keep their fans in touch with the advanced technological touch. Established in 1973 and now serving more than 40 years with pride. Started their journey from Sydney now it has their wide global wing. They have created a new dimension of products with a mixture of developed customer service and high-quality product.     

People seek creativity, so Fantech remains adamant about making their headphones creative. They are motivated to polish their headphones upgraded with the market. In the market, they have a number of wired and wireless headphones. “HG14 Virtual CAPTAIN 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headphone” is one of them which is defined as an ultimate sound system. They promised to give the best audio experience with its USB plug and the remote system. So, it can be used in both ways. 415 gram in weight and along with a 2.4mm cable wire make it very convenient for carrying.

Has a super sustainable microphone which makes it easy for giving command and control in terms of gaming or any sort of communication. It is not finished here. As mentioned earlier, Fantech also focused on making their headphones very stylish. So they have used Red Illumination LED light, gives it an extremely professional look. This package is available in 3,500 BDT. Basically, headphones of Fantech can be obtained between 2,000 to 10,000 BDT, and it can change a little for not having any fixed price for resellers.

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