F&D Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Fenda audio, which is mostly known as F&D, is an Indian company. The company started its journey in 2004 intending to serve the Indian market. The main focus of the company is to give the people of India a quality sound experience.

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F&D Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest F&D Microphones Price in Bangladesh
F&D DM-01 2000 Taka


When they started the company, they started with the production of multimedia and laptop speakers and docking stations. But now, with the flow of time, they have become much bigger in the product line and market share. If you go to any major electronics stores and dealer locations across India, then you will surely get the products of F&D. This company has always given importance to the feedback of customers and developed their products accordingly. The stylish design and the crystal clear sound quality of the products have made it accessible not only to the people of India but also outside the country. 

F&D has got a lot of products in their product line. If we say specifically, then they have around 30 different products and the microphone is one of their popular products. Though F&D is mostly known for its speakers, still it has got a good name in microphone too. They have got different kinds of microphone, and each type of microphone is unique from the other one. This uniqueness and the stylish design, high quality has made the customers more satisfied. Their most attractive microphone is the karaoke one which is best for singing.

The most sold and latest products of F&D are DM 01 professional karaoke microphone, W17 portable Bluetooth speaker with microphone and many more. In w17 portable Bluetooth speaker, a microphone is already built-in, and it has got a unique design too. On the other hand, DM 01 is an original karaoke microphone which has got excellent sound quality and thus got fame in the market. 

If we list out the brands whose products are affordable, then F&D is one of them. Their main focus was to serve the Indian market and to do so, they have done affordable pricing. This pricing strategy has helped the brand to flourish not only in India but also in other countries.

If we look at the price of the most sold products of F&D, then we can see that the price of DM 01 karaoke microphone is BDT 2500 whereas W17 is BDT 2600. So we can see that the price range of F&D products are much affordable and this is why they were able to sustain in the market. 

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