Flyco Shaver Price in Bangladesh

Flyco has a wide range of shaving appliances and related products for men. Flyco was first established in 1999. It has been making shaving and grooming appliances with a strong emphasis on performance. From its inception, it has been working to make products that provide most up to date shaving experience through their products.

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Flyco Shaver Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Flyco Shavers Price in Bangladesh
Flyco FC5805 1,899 Taka
Flyco FC5809 2,250 Taka
Flyco FC5901 2,817 Taka
Flyco FC5807 1,350 Taka
Flyco FC5801 1,390 Taka


Flyco has a Research and Development wing that works to make industry-standard and public demand nexus. Their Research and Development, along with Brand Operations, have been recognized as great assets for production. Through these two powers, they have been recognized as shaving and grooming perfectionists. By dint of these factors, they establish themselves as one of the leaders of shaving appliances in China.

Flyco bases its products in such a way that customers usage utilities are met. Flyco has recognized some factors to base on their products. They are power consumption, ease of use, cleanliness, and reusability. Their trimmers and shavers are designed in such a way that you can get these utilities when you are looking for a good shave.

Their line of intelligent shavers has put importance on using sensors and other performance enhancers to get a shave you ultimately want. Some refills and attachments put the longevity of usage into perspective.

Flyco doesn’t concentrate on shavers and trimmers. They also have a fledgling hair care series which offer smooth performance for male and female haircare. They have currently three series of hair care products, and these are the hair clipper, hair styler, and hairdryer series.

They are still working to bring about new and improved brands of grooming products to suit the needs of the growing market. They have spread their operations to not only China but also all over the globe. In 2016 they had become a publicly-traded company and were putting more effort into research to bring new products and fulfill market demands.  


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