Gamdias Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Gamdias is an eSports brand. They manufacture PC peripherals and accessories related to gaming. As of now, Gamdias is mostly well known in the Asian markets. Gamdias has also won awards for their designs, which was the Red Dot award. They deliver products that are good for competitive gaming and also come at a reasonable price point. Gamdias manufactures eSports peripherals, so here no need to say that all their products are centered around gaming. And their products are mostly meant to appeal to the gamers and enthusiasts out there.

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Gamdias Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Gamdias Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Gamdias Zesus E2 1100 Taka
Gamdias Zesus e1 2200 Taka
Gamdias Zesus M1 3000 Taka
Gamdias Zesus M2 2300 Taka
Gamdias DEMETER E1 850 Taka


The main lineups that Gamdias offers in terms of gaming mice are their Zeus, Hades, Erebos, Ourea, and Demeter. The Zeus lineup is the lineup of the highest-end mouse that Gamdias offers. The Zeus lineup of the mouse mostly features optical sensors, but some models come with a laser sensor. Most of the models also feature LED illumination while some feature customizable RGB lighting.
The Erebos lineup is Gamdias’ mid-tier lineup of gaming mice. Most models come with an optical sensor, but some models are equipped with a laser sensor. The Erebos mostly concentrate on ergonomics and minimizing fatigue during the use of the mouse. Certain Erebos models also come with interchangeable side panels so that people use the right one according to their preferences.
The Hades lineup is Gamdias’ lineup of the wireless gaming mouse. The Hades lineup has features of a great gaming mouse along with LED illumination, and it does these all while having a wireless connection.
The Ourea and Demeter are Gamdias’ lineup of entry-level gaming mice. These mice are meant for people looking for a reliable gaming mouse on a budget.
Gamdias’ makes good quality gaming mouse, though some of their models are quite expensive, they are reliable and also perform as a gaming mouse should.

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