Gamdias Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Not all brands are run after meeting customer demand. They create the demand, which is hidden to the people and make them felt, they should purchase that product. But the real story is this isn't the key to success for all brands — few names in this list who are really successful by following this strategy.


Gamdias Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Gamdias Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Gamdias Eros M1 RGB 1,800 Taka
Gamdias Hephaestus E1 3,500 Taka
Gamdias HEBE M1 RGB 7.1 3,700 Taka
Gamdias Hephaestus P1 4,700 Taka
Gamdias EROS M2 2,250 Taka


One of the notable names among those is "Gamdias" which was always specifically focused on producing the most updated gaming headphones. Now it can be said without any doubt that they are a triumphant brand in the market. This name bears the motto of the brand, "GAM" which stands for gaming and in Latin "DIAS" stands for best. Now they have been significantly made the best gaming headphones right now.      

Gamdias represents a wide range of stylish headphones and few they have achieved remarkable feedback from the users. Based on style and creativity "GAMDIAS EROS M1 RGB Gaming HEADSET" is one highly recommended by the customers. It has multicolor lighting which spreads a mesmerizing effect while listening. And it also has the control panel outside the hearing area, and it enables to control the light.

At the same time, this control panel helps to switch songs and check the volume, so there is no need for outside support from the device while listening to music. Foldable mic system gives the comfort of carrying, and clear sound quality assures to command or communicate from the other side clearly. Finally, this package can be afforded within 2,500 BDT. For advance gaming quality headphone Gamdias introduces "Hephaestus P1 Surround Sound RGB Gaming Headset" which is mentionable named for the comfort of using. It is the most updated collection of the wired headphone by Gamdias. Sound performance, microphone flexibility, creative designs everything is specially shaped for best gaming quality. It is priced 5,550 BDT. The price range for Gamdias headphones is set between 2,000 to 10,000 BDT. But it might differ a bit because of not having any authorized price given by this company itself.   




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