General AC Price in Bangladesh

Fujitsu General Ltd is better known as General, that is one of the top Air Conditioner brands in the world. The company has been producing top-quality ACs for over 45 years. The brand is known to maintain one of the largest product lineups in the industry. General ACs are well established as some of the best in the market in terms of quality and functionality. The brand also has some of the best records when it comes to customer service. General uses its decades of experience in the AC industry to serve its customers to the fullest. Through exceptional dedication and diligence, General ranks as one of the largest and best global air conditioner brands on the planet.


General AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest General Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
General ASGA-12FNTA 62,500 Taka
General SGA-18FUTBZ 82,650 Taka
General ASGA18FMTB 57,800 Taka
General ASGA-24FUTBZ 91,200 Taka
General ASGA18FETA 67,500 Taka
General ASGA12AGC 53,500 Taka


The company was established in the year 1936 as a consumer electronics brand. It adopted the brand name General in 1966, and the first ACs rolled out in the year 1971. Currently operates out of Japan and has operations in more than 100 countries. General deals in all sorts of air conditioner types, including cassette, window, and split ACs. The brand also has a wide selection when it comes to unit capacity starting at 1.0Ton and moving above 4.5 Ton. The brand is not short on price options as well. General provides affordable ACs that start from BDT 45000 and go up to BDT 260000 (depending on the model type and capacity). The BTU of the various AC models ranges is from 14000 to 54000. The average cooling range is from 180 to 300 ideal for all weather conditions.

General cassette ACs are some of the best in the market with a number of awesome features. The models come with 2-4 way airflow and a 4 step cooling system. The models are known for hassle-free maintenance and compact design features. A popular model in this category is the General 4.5 Ton AUG-54ABAS - Cassette Type AC at BDT 240000. On the other hand, the window type ACs from General are some of the most reliable in the market. The units come with advanced rotary type compressors and super silent function for the most efficient cooling. The models also incorporate Heat Exchanger, High-Efficiency Condenser, Anti-bacterial Filter, and Energy-saving Operations, making them versatile and efficient in use. The General 2.0 ton AXGT24FHTA-B Window Air Conditioner at BDT 69000 is a good example from this category.

General has some of the most impressive models in its split AC collection. Their capacity ranges from 1.0 Ton to 4.5 Ton and can come with BTU of up to 54000. The ACs have low voltage start-up and energy-efficient operations that ensure smooth functions. Some other common features that the ACs in this category share include adjustable airflow volume, auto fan operation, dust filter, humanized sleep function, automatic restart, multiple mode functions, and super-quiet operation. Many upper-end models come with advanced features like double swing, rapid cooling function (turbo) and multi airflow systems, which can cool large rooms whitin a short time. A popular model from this category is the General 1.5 ton ASGA18FETA - Split AC at BDT 600000.

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