Genius Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

The Genius is an international brand for computer and mobile peripherals that was created in 1985 by a Taiwan based company named KYE Systems Corp. Genius products are mostly top-rated in Asian markets. The peripherals made by Genius are meant to be more budget-friendly and at the same time, tries to deliver their best for the price.
Genius manufactures a wide range of products. They manufacture keyboards of different types, with different connectivity and form factor options. They have both gaming and non-gaming options to suit everyone’s needs.

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Genius Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Genius Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Genius KB-110 550 Taka
Genius i222 700 Taka
Genius KB-G265 2900 Taka 
Genius GX 3350 Taka
Genius G255 2250 Taka


Coming to the non-gaming products first, their main lineups in this category are the SlimStar lineup and KB lineup. These lineups feature traditional-looking simple keyboards with sleek and modern design. Some models also feature wireless connectivity while the others feature wired connections. Some models also have additional features like additional multimedia keys and programmable keys. Genius also has models that only have the number pad, which can be useful for a thing like data entry. The number pad keyboards fall under their Numpad lineup. They also have the LuxeMate lineup, which features ten-keyless keyboards. These keyboards are very small, compact, and have a sleek design. Genius’ non-gaming lineups are great for office environments and casual home use.
Now coming to the Gaming side of Genius, the main lineup for their gaming keyboards is the Scorpion lineup. While none of the keyboards they have under this lineup has mechanical switches, some of them do feature mechanical like keycaps to provide an automatic like feeling. All the keyboards have Backlighting. They also have features like additional multimedia keys, and certain models in this lineup are also spill-resistant.
Genius has big lineups of keyboards, both gaming and non-gaming. The keyboards are quite durable and reasonably priced. Their gaming keyboards are also great for anyone who is looking for an entry-level gaming keyboard.

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