GGMM Earphone Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a right earphone from a good brand, then you can check out the brand GGMM. It is a leading brand which is selling some awesome products in our country.

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GGMM Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest GGMM Earphones Price in Bangladesh
GGMM C300 1,000 Taka 
GGMM C700 1,400 Taka
GGMM W710 Sport 2,200 Taka
GGMM W600 Sport 2,400 Taka
GGMM Nightingale
1,700 Taka


If you want an earphone at a low price from this brand, then you can go for GGMM C300. It is an excellent earphone with awesome sound quality. The rubber ear tips of this headphone are son soft, and it has three sizes. Because of different sized ear tips, you can adjust the size according to comfort. In low sound or high sound, this headphone provides the same performance. It has a phone receiver driver also in the wire by which you can play or pause the music too. Price of this earphone with 3.5 mm jack is 1000 BDT approximately.

Another awesome model of earphone from this brand is GGMM C700. Cable length of this earphone is 1.2 good meter. It is very lightweight, and the cable of this earphone is a very high-quality cable. You will get a small carrying pouch with it by which you can carry it without any problem. This smart-looking earphone costs about 1400 BDT.

This brand has Bluetooth earphones also, which are very smart looking. In 2200 BDT you can buy GGMM W710 Sport Bluetooth Earphone, it will give you an outstanding performance. This stereo earphone provides exceptional performance both in audio output and charge. You can use it for 7 hours for continuous use. It takes only 2 hours to recharges its battery fully. This earphone has ear hooks which help you to keep it in your ear while jogging and you can adjust the wire also. It is entirely water and sweatproof so you can use it without any tension in the rain. Another great wireless earphone from this brand is GGMM W600 Sports Bluetooth Earphone which costs 2400 BDT approximately. It has almost the same features as W710, and this one is also a good earphone. You can choose any of them for you which suits your budget.

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