Haiko Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Haiko is a well-established and famous consumer electronics brand that deals in numerous home appliance categories. The brand has had a prominent line of top refrigerators that it marketed for many years. Haiko has made a name for itself by producing reliable and affordable refrigerators for its consumers. It has a good collection of refrigerators that can go toe to toe with any other brand in the market. Haiko refrigerators set themselves apart through their quality, reliability, and affordability. The products also incorporate very stylish and original external designs. Alongside these qualities, as well as having one of the best after-sale services, Haiko has become a very popular refrigerator brand.

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Haiko Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Haiko Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Haiko HR-28S 37000 Taka
Haiko HR-21SG 33000 Taka
Haiko HR-24SG 36000 Taka
Haiko HF26C 26000 Taka


The brand has refrigerators mainly in the top-mounted and 50-50 type categories. Most of its popular models are in the 200 to 300-liters capacity range. These refrigerators are generally priced between BDT 25000 to BDT 40000. The refrigerators come equipped with highly efficient compressors with low noise operating capabilities. All the refrigerators use CFC free R600a refrigerant. Anti-bacterial door gaskets and deodorizing functions help maintain proper hygiene. The low power, low noise design make the refrigerators very practical to use. The models also come with mechanically adjustable temperature controls. Many of the models have adjustable glass shelves that are convenient to use. The refrigerators can operate in a wide range of voltage and have inbuilt condensers. Some of the models also have additional features, such as fast and deep freezing functions. The new models come with a glass door finish that adds an extra level of beauty to the kitchen. After-sale services from the brand include compressor warranty, free spare parts as well as free servicing period. Some very popular models from the brand include the Haiko Refrigerator HR-21SG at around BDT 34000 and the Haiko Refrigerator HR-28SG at around BDT 38000.


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