Havit Earphone Price in Bangladesh

HAVIT is a very popular brand for earphones and headphones. If you want to buy an earphone or headphone from this brand, then you must check out the price list first.

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Havit Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Havit Earphones Price in Bangladesh
HAVIT HV-E19P 400 Taka
HAVIT HV-E69P 450 Taka
HAVIT I37 1,100 Taka
HAVIT i91 TWS 2,600 Taka
HAVIT GE 02 950 Taka


If you want an earphone, you can go for a HAVIT HV-E19P which costs about 400 BDT. It is a good earphone within a low-price range. Its sound quality is excellent, and it has an audio driver also to control the music and calls. Another earphone in the same price range is HAVIT HV-E69P, which is very smart looking. This earphone is lightweight and thin wired, but its wire is string also. You can get it for spending 450 BDT approximately.

In the Bluetooth segment, this brand has HAVIT I37, which is a sports earphone. You can use this earphone from 10-meter distance from the device. It takes only 1.5 hours to recharge itself, and it can play for 10 hours, which is very good. Price of this earphone is 1100 BDT. HAVIT i91 TWS is a fully wireless ear dots from this unique brand. This one is very smart looking, and it provides a nice sound. Weight of the earphone is 12 grams, and charging box is 40 grams. Playtime of the earphone is 5 hours, which is lower than other usual earphones but pretty good. Price of HAVIT i91 TWS is 2600 BDT approximately.

This brand has some awesome headphones also. In the low price range, you can buy HAVIT HV-H2105D, HAVIT HV-H2198d, HAVIT HV-H2262D, HAVIT HV-H2106D, HAVIT HV-H2171d. The price range varies for these headphones from 400 to 600 BDT. If you want something in the higher price, then you can go for HAVIT HV-H2213d with USB connector in 950 BDT. Wireless Bluetooth headphones from this brand are HAVIT HV-H2561BT, HAVIT HV-H2582BT, HAVIT HV-H2556BT, HAVIT F9, and HAVIT HV-H2573BT. The price range varies from 1000 to 2200 BDT for these Bluetooth headphones. You can choose any of them for great user experience.

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