Havit Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Guangzhou Havit technology co., ltd or often shortened to Havit is a Chinese company that was founded in 1998 in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Havit makes a variety of products, and they are most famous in the Asian markets. Products manufactured by Havit range from audio equipment to gaming equipment, productive equipment, and other miscellaneous items.
PC peripherals are one of the key things that Havit manufactures. Keyboards are also in the list of the products manufactured by them. Most of Havit’s lineup of keyboards is more geared towards gaming, but they also have keyboards for the non-gamers out there who prefer a sleek and simple looking keyboard.

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Havit Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Havit Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Havit KB327 400 Taka
Havit KB378 325 Taka
Havit KB613 375 Taka
Havit KB329 400 Taka
Havit KB421 750 Taka


Come to the non-gaming side, Havit has a few different wireless keyboards that fall into their PC classic series. These are mostly for people who prefer a simple and sleek looking traditional keyboard that has wireless capabilities to get the job done. These keyboards are fine for a simple home or use in the office and also doesn’t have a huge price tag attached to it.
They have a few different offerings to suit people with different types of needs, on the gaming side. Their keyboards come in two flavors, either membrane or mechanical. All of their keyboards fall into the HV-KB lineup. The mechanical keyboards either feature Kailh PG1350 Blue switches or the Otemu Blue switches. Now the switches aren’t of Cherry MX quality, but they deliver a mechanical keyboard experience at a much lower cost. The mechanical keyboards also come in a low profile form factor, as well. They also have a semi-mechanical keyboard. All of these keyboards also feature RGB lighting.
Havit keyboards are affordable and provide an entry-level mechanical keyboard. Their keyboards are reasonably priced for what they are reliable.

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