Helio Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Helio is a Bangladesh based smartphone manufacturing brand. Helio is a sister concern of the Edison group. Edison also is known as the parent company of the well known Symphony brand. Helio has been around the smartphone market for a while now. There are many subdivisions of smartphones. Most attention goes to the flagship sets. Then there are high mid-range sets. There are mid-range and lower range sets. Some phones concentrate on just one aspect like the camera or processing. There are many specs and type wide divisions of these smartphones. Budget phones are those which give value for money performance in their phones. Helio is one brand that follows that such principle.

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Helio Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Helio Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Hel io S60 19,500 Taka
Helio S5 13,990 Taka
Helio S20 20,990 Taka
Helio S2 15,990 Taka
Helio S10 19,990 Taka


Helio’s sister concern is symphony mobiles. Symphony is a known brand for low range powerful smartphones. They have consistently brought out phones that deliver essential performance at the lowest possible prices. Then came other companies that make low priced sets offering higher specifications and performance. These sets slowly crowded the market. In response to market demand for such sets, Helio sets emerge. Helio brings phones in the mid to lower mid-range budget range. 

Helio sets have always been designed and made to fulfill the demands of the low price high specification budget phone range. Helio puts its concentration on processing, decent image capture, optimized performance, performance speed as its main focus points for manufacturing. It has always been on top of the line for making phones with the latest technologies. With the first-ever Helio S1 handset, it provided a fingerprint unlock system for the users. Since then, many models have graced the market from Helio. In each of the devices, they have packed the latest industry-standard specifications. They use MediaTek processors and GPU with high processing speeds.

Helio has always put forward great cameras in their devices. Since the 1st Helio S1 to the current model S60, they have continued to bring about great camera performance with aperture and focus capabilities at best possible ability that the price range can offer. With decent low-light performance and vibrant daylight images, Helio set captures great photos as well. Helio also understands the needs of the selfie freak generation. It has put selfie front-facing cameras that capture the best side of those in front of the camera. The videos are decent with good enough resolutions for uploading to streaming sites.

Helio is a brand that provides the optimum smartphone experience within the budget and keeps the needs of the ever-changing target market in check. It packs the most appropriate specifications at the price range possible. It also keeps abreast of the recent developments of the industry standards. Helio designs new phones that make the smartphone experience even better. Helio phones are all based on the Android operating system. But, on the Android base, use of the Passion UI that provides a good enough experience for Android users. Helio sets can fulfill the needs of the budget-oriented market with some great phones. 

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