Hip TV Price in Bangladesh

Hip is one of the brands that has been taking the local television market by storm. The brand has recently gained a lot of traction thanks to their ultra-low prices and a diverse range of televisions. Hip offers some of the best and lowest prices for their small and medium-sized televisions. They are one of the few brands that have been able to introduce curved screen televisions at those low prices. All of this has made Hip a well-known name in the market.

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Hip TV Price List in Banglades

Latest Hip Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Hip 32" 9000 Taka
Hip wifi 32" 12000 Taka
1Hip 43" 23000 Taka
Hip 40" 16000 Taka
Hip 20" 6000 Taka


Hip mainly deals with small and medium-sized LED televisions. They also have a good number of Smart and curved screen televisions. Hip specializes in pricing their products as low as possible. They have televisions starting at just BDT 8000. The maximum they charge for their product is around BDT 30000. The most economical model from this brand is the Hip HD LED TV - 22" - Black smile. With a 22-inch LED Display this model boasts a collection of useful HDMI, VGA and USB ports as well as a compact look that can impress anyone.

This model is priced at around BDT 9000. Then we have the Hip Smart /WIFI LED TV - 32" - Black smile. Coming with a 32-inch LED display and complete internet access this model satisfies all the needs associated with smart TVs at around BDT 17000. Next, we have the Hip Curve HD LED TV - 32" - Black glorious.

This model has a gorgeous 32-inch Curved LED display with a screen resolution of 1080P alongside HDMI, DVD/CD, VGA and USB ports. This whole package costs around BDT 16000. Going a bit higher in the price range we get the Hip HD LED TV - 39" - the Black smile that has a good 39-inch HD LED display. The model also comes with VGA, HDMI, USB ports, audio port, and TV jack. The model is also 4K display supported with the price tag of around BDT 24000.

At the top we have the Hip Smile Smart /WIFI LED TV - 43" – Black. This model has a 43-inch LED display with an Android OS and complete iterant access. The model also comes with your standard HDMI and USB ports. This model comes in at around BDT 30000.


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