Hisense TV Price in Bangladesh

The Chinese brand Hisense is in fact one of the largest television manufacturers on the planet. The firm currently ranks 3rd in the global TV production and has been ranking 1st in the Chinese market for over 14 years. With their massive range of product and competitive pricing strategies, Hisense has been winning the hearts of its customers for more than 30 years. The brand has 13 fully fledged factories to its name with operations in around 130 countries.

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Hisense TV Price List in Banglades

Latest Hisense Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Hisense 32k 32" 27000 Taka
Hisense 24d 24" 18000 Taka
Hisense 39k 39" 50000 Taka
Hisense 50k 50" 95000 Taka
Hisense 42k 42" 60000 Taka


Hisense was founded in 1969 as an electronics manufacturer owned by the government of China. The first Hisense televisions rolled out of the factories in 1978. Hisense has made all types of televisions in its long history and is currently focusing on making LED, OLED, and smart televisions. As a brand Hisense covers a wide range of prices. Most Hisense televisions come within BDT 19000 and BDT 120000.

The brand uses the newest LED display technology in all their products. Every Hisense TV also carries HDMI, USB and VGA ports. The Smart TVs run on Android OS with full internet access, preloaded apps as well as a fully functional web browser. Hisense market offerings begin with models like the Hisense LED TV 24D33 whit a 24-inch LED display. With a screen resolution of 1366x768, this model comes equipped with HDMI, VGA and USB ports costing around BDT 19000.

Next, we have models like the Hisense LED TV 40D50P with a 40-inch ultra slim LED display. The screen resolution is 1920x1080 (Full HD) that further complimented by a wide viewing angle and an aspect ratio of 16:8. This model costs around BDT 38000. At the middle tier, we have models like the Hisense LED TV 42K316P that comes with a 42-inch Full HD LED display.

This particular model is characterized by its wide viewing angle, optical zooming alongside the HDMI, VGA and USB ports which costs around BDT 60000. Lastly, we have the Hisense LED TV 55K390PAD with a massive 55-inch (1920x1080) LED display. With features such as 3D image viewing, Optical zooming, and multiple HDMI, USB and VGA ports this model is priced at around BDT 112000.




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