Hoco Earphone Price in Bangladesh

Amongst many earphone brands, HOCO is a very popular one. If you want to buy an earphone from this brand, then you should check out the price list first. HOCO brand has many earphones available in the country in the various price range.

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Hoco Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Hoco Earphones Price in Bangladesh
HOCO M1 350 Taka
HOCO M19 700 Taka
HOCO M34 950 Taka
HOCO M36 1,200 Taka
HOCO ES20 4,000 Taka


If you want to buy something in a low price range, then you can go for HOCO M1 which is a very simple looking earphone. But in sound quality, it is pretty good. Price of this earphone is 350 BDT approximately in the market. HOCO M19 is an excellent earphone too with a nice color combination. With 1.2-meter wire and 3.5 mm jack this earphone costs about 550 BDT. HOCO M22 is another good earphone with a different look. It is almost same as M19 in the performance and price of this one is 700 BDT.

M34 is an excellent earphone from HOCO, which costs about 950 BDT. This earphone has a smart outlook with satisfying performance. HOCO M34 costs 900 BDT in the market. If you want something premium, then you can go for M36. This wired earphone costs 1200 BDT. This one is perfect in outlook, and it is very durable also as it is made of high-quality components.

In the wireless segment, this brand has many options for you. HOCO ES20 is one of them, and this one looks like exactly a normal earphone, but it doesn’t have any wire. It uses Bluetooth for connection. Price of this model from HOCO is 4000 BDT. In the Bluetooth segment, this brand has some awesome earbuds. They are ES24, ES10, and ES15. The price range varies from 2400 t0 3200 for these earbuds. All of them provides good sound and durable battery life, and You will get a charging box with them also. If you want a Bluetooth headphone, then you can go to HOCO W10 which costs 4900 BDT. This headphone takes 3 hours to recharge itself fully. After a full charge, you can use it for 7 hours without any break.

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