HP Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

HP Inc. is also known as HP, which is a multinational IT company based in the United States. HP is known for developing personal computers and computer-related supplies. HP was founded in 1939 by William R. Hewlett and David Packard.HP is mostly known for their Personal Computers (Desktops and Laptops) and server PCs, but HP also manufactures PC peripherals. HP manufactures keyboards that are mainly targeted for casual use and productivity. The Keyboards they produce feature a minimal and sleek look, unlike some gaming keyboards which can often look quite flashy and in the face. The Keyboards that HP manufacture are more suited for office environments and workplaces. The main lineup of HP’s gaming centered products falls under their OMEN brand.

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HP Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh

Latest HP Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
HP omen 8900 Taka
HP k1500 700 Taka
HP K2500 1000 Taka 
HP C2500 1150 Taka
HP 200 2000 Taka


Kick off with the non-gaming part, the keyboards produced by HP are meant for office use or casual for home use. These keyboards come with membrane keys, and HP has models with both wired and wireless connections so one can choose the right keyboard according to his need. Some models also feature additional multi-media keys
Moving on to HP’s OMEN brand, we see HP’s gaming centered products. Under the OMEN brand, HP doesn’t have many gaming-oriented keyboards to offer. In fact, they only have two offerings one is the higher-end Sequencer, and the other being the OMEN keyboard 1100. The higher-end Sequencer keyboard features optical switches for really fast response times and low actuation times. The keyboard also has other features like RGB lighting and additional macro keys. Coming to the lower-end 1100 keyboard, it features mechanical switches, which are of the blue variant and also have a backlight and comes with a relatively sleek form factor.
HP’s keyboards are reliable and simple for general purpose use. Their OMEN brand offers decent keyboards, but the higher end optical switch model comes with a hefty price tag.

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