Keeway Bike Price in Bangladesh

Keeway is a famous bike brand in Bangladesh now. This brand is well-known in many countries. A few years ago, it started selling bikes in Bangladesh. This brand was established in 1999 in Hungary. It was famous for its scooters in its region. After that, the brand started producing other bikes with great care. Their goal was to fulfill the customers' demand. Now this brand has become popular. Now it has become a part of a renown Chinese group. It has many bikes. This brand has bikes with a 50cc engine. Also, with 600cc engine they produce bikes. In Bangladesh, some models from this brand are available.

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Keeway Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Keeway Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Keeway RKS 150 Sport CBS
1,44,900 Taka
Keeway RKS 125
1,24,900 Taka
Keeway Superlight 150
1,77,000 Taka
Keeway RKS 100 V3
1,09,900 Taka
Keeway RKR 165
2,15,500 Taka


In the 150cc segment, this brand has Keeway RKS 150 Sports CBS, which is a standard commuter bike. This bike has a 148cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. The engine of this bike can produce 10.3kW power @ 8000rpm and 13.0 Nm torque @ 6500rpm. Claimed top speed of this bike is 143 km per hour. Mileage of this bike is about 50 km per liter. Both electric and kick-starting system is available in the bike. It has five gears in it. The bike has disc brake in both wheels.

There is a special thing in this bike. It has CBS braking system. This is known as the 'Combined Braking System'. It helps the rider to stop the bike smoothly. When the rider pushed one brake very hard, the system distributes the pressure on both brakes. This system can help a rider from sudden accidents. It has tubeless tires. The smart outlook suits both young and office-going people. Price of this bike is 1,50,000 BDT. In a slightly low price, this brand has another bike. It is   KEEWAY RKV 150. This bike has a 148cc engine too. But the power of the engine is not as much as Keeway RKS 150 Sport. You can't underestimate the bike. It takes 5.7 seconds to reach from 0-60 km per hour speed. In this bike, CBS braking system is missing. Even it has drum brake in the rear. Some people are not comfortable with disc brake in the rear. This bike is suitable for them. Price of KEEWAY RKV 150 is 1,40,000 BDT.

If you want to get a 125cc bike you can go for Keeway RKS 125. This bike has a 124.5cc engine which can produce 11.2 Bhp power @ 9000 rpm and 9.2 Nm torque @ 7500 rpm. Claimed top speed of the bike is 126 km per hour. Mileage of the bike is about 55km per liter, which is pretty good. It has five gears and disc brake only in the front. Kick-starting system is available with an electric starting system in the bike. Price of this bike is 1,25,000 BDT. In the 100cc segment, this brand has two options. Keeway RKS 100 is one of them. This bike has 99.77cc, air-cooled engine. Top speed of this bike is 100 km per hour. It has disc brake in the front and drums brake in the rear. The bike has alloy rims in it. Price of this bike is 1,10,000 BDT. in low price range this brand has Keeway Magnet 100. This one is also a 100cc bike. The bike has almost the same engine power as Keeway RKS 100. But in look, this one is not as cool as RKS 100. Price of Keeway Magnet 100 is 86,900 BDT.Both the bikes in the 100cc segment are fuel efficient bike. The mileage of the bikes is more than 60 km per liter. Both Keeway RKS 100 and Keeway Magnet 100 has four gears.

For cruiser lovers, Keeway has a mind-blowing model available in Bangladesh. It is Keeway Superlight 150. The bike has a 150cc engine which can generate 12 Bhp power @ 8500 rpm and 11 Nm torque @ 6000 rpm. Top speed of the bike is 120 km per hour. It runs 40 km for burning one-liter fuel. Weight of this bike is 134 kg. The bike has five gears in it. It has disc brake in the front and drums brake in the rear. It has both electric and kick-starting system in it. 

A cruiser bike never looks good without fat tires. It has 130mm tire in the rear and 110mm tire in the front which made it more attractive. It has alloy rims in it. In look the bike is awesome. It has a long body with a perfect sitting position required in a cruiser. With all these features the bike costs 1,77,000 BDT. In this price, the bike is a great one.

The brand Keeway is getting popular day by day in our country. For its performance and outlook, it is capturing the attention of people. The price range of bikes is so reasonable. We hope that in the upcoming days this brand will satisfy us with more great bikes.


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