Khaitan Fan Price in Bangladesh

Khaitan is a consumer electronics brand that deals in many categories of electrical appliances. The brand been marketing high-quality electric fans for many years. The brand is well known for its extreme performance-oriented fans that excel both in quality and design. Khaitan fans are strongly built using the best in technology and engineering that makes them durable and reliable under any circumstance. The fans are also very reasonably priced and deliver a great deal of value to the customers. Currently, Khaitan is a brand name that is well associated with the top of the electric line fans.

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Khaitan Fan Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Khaitan Fans Price in Bangladesh
Khaitan Emor 56" 3100 Taka
Khaitan Golden Eye 56" 2900 Taka
Khaitan Pearl metalic 56" 2900 Taka
Khaitan Rainbow 56" 5000 Taka
Khaitan Flair 56" 4600 Taka


Khaiten excels at producing and marketing extraordinary ceiling fans. The brand maintains an impressive collection of fans in this particular category. The fans also cover a relatively large price range. Prices for most Khaitan ceiling fans tend to begin neat BDT 3000 and can go as high as BDT 6500.

The fans have a variety of useful and convenient features that adds to their overall value. All the fans from Khaitan need 220V of current to run. But some models are capable of functioning even in low voltage. The typical size of the fans is 56 inches or 1400mm and come with 3 blades. The blades are made of aluminum or steel and are designed aerodynamically to facilitate maximum air displacement. Most of the models come with double ball bearing and copper winding for better performance.

The fans consume around 80 watts of electric power and have a rotation speed of 300 rpm. The fans are capable of displacing up to 220 cubic metres of air every minute that insures strong winds at every corner of the room. The fans are available in different colors that can go well with any interior decoration. Some excellent models from the brand include the Khaitan Aluminum Ceiling Fan Flair at BDT 3600 and the Khaitan Aluminum Ceiling Fan Flamingo at BDT 6200.

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