KZ Earphone Price in Bangladesh

KZ is a very popular brand for earphones. If you are looking for a good earphone, then you can check out this brand.

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KZ Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest KZ Earphones Price in Bangladesh
KZ ZSE 700 Taka
KZ ZS3 1050 Taka
KZ ZST 1,400 Taka
KZ ZS5 1,800 Taka
KZ ZS6 3,000 Taka


Many earphones are available in the market from this brand KZ. Amongst them, one of them is KZ ZSE Dual Driver Earphones. This one is a very good earphone with a professional acoustic design which looks so lovely. The sound quality of this earphone is very good, and the price of this one is 700 BDT approximately. KZ ZS3 is a unique earphone because this one has a detachable air bud system. You can comfortably use it by changing the side. It has an inline driver also. With good sound quality and stylish color combination, this earphone costs about 1050 BDT.

In 1400 BDT from this brand KZ, ZST is available. This dynamic earphone has a unique patented tuning technology design, which made it more impressive. You get the same level of bass in low volume also. As it has ear hooks, it will not fall when you are running. Another stylish earphone from this brand is KZ ZS5, which costs 1800 BDT. This one has a nice color combination and a metallic look.

If you want something at a high price, then you can go for KZ ZS6. This one has eight driver hybrid technology, which will give you a pleasant experience. This one has a nice muscular look, and it is very easy to put it in the ear. This KZ ZS6 costs 3000 BDT approximately. In 3500 BDT you can get KZ ZS10 which is a 10-driver headphone. This headphone has nice graphics on the upper surface of it. Wire of this earphone is very high quality.

Al the earphones from this brand are excellent. Especially in most of them you can detach the wire and swipe the earbuds. They are very long-lasting and provides clear sound. You can buy any of them for you.

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