Logitech Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Logitech International, or often shortened to Logitech, is a computer peripheral and accessory manufacturing company based in Switzerland. The company headquarters being in Lausanne, Switzerland, and in Newark, California. Logitech was founded in 1981 by Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta, Giacomo Marini. Logitech is known for making reliable products and has a huge lineup computer and mobile phone peripherals. Logitech’s peripherals are popular all over the world. Both their gaming and non-gaming lineups of peripherals are loved and trusted all over the world, and Logitech’s mouse no different. Logitech have both gaming and non-gaming lineups of mice.

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Logitech Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Logitech Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Logitech B100 400 Taka
Logitech G pro 9500 Taka
Logitech B175 925 Taka
Logitech M90 400 Taka
Logitech M170 850 Taka


Coming to their higher-end lineup of the non-gaming mouse, they have the MX Master series. The MX Master mouses are beloved by many of its users. It is a fast and reliable mouse that has great features like having great wireless connectivity with great battery life and proper tracking on any surface. They have a few unique offerings like the MX Vertical and MX Ergo, which have a unique appearance and function in a way that they can be more ergonomic to use.
Coming to the gaming side, Logitech has some great options here. All of Logitech’s gaming mouse fall under their G lineup. One of Logitech’s most famous mouse is their G502 mouse, which a very well built and reliable gaming mouse and is beloved by many gamers. The G502 uses the PMW3366 optical sensor, has 11 fully programmable buttons, and also has a 1ms report rate. The highest-end gaming mouse they offer is their G Pro mouse, which is wireless and uses the HERO 16K sensors, most importantly, weight is just 80gms. Logitech has also shown some great innovation in their gaming lineup by introducing their Lightspeed technology. Which uses the mouse pad to charge their lightspeed enabled the wireless mouse.
Logitech has a great selection of gaming and non-gaming products that are well built, reliable, and come with a lot of features. But they are quite on the expensive side, especially their higher-end models.

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