Marcel Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Marcel is one of the most well-known and established home appliance brands in the country. The brand maintains a large portfolio of products that includes a line of excellent ovens and some of the most versatile products available in the market. The ovens come with a long list of useful functions and perform reliably throughout their lifetime. These ovens are known for their great quality as well as their practical design aspects with very affordable and great after-sales policies. The combination of all these factors led Marcel to become one of the dominant brands in the local oven market.

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Marcel Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Marcel Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Marcel MG17 8100 Taka
Marcel MMW-23 14000 Taka
Marcel MMWO-M30 16500 Taka
Marcel 82364 14000 Taka
Marcel WMO-M30 16000 Taka


Marcel is a brand that operates under the supervision of Walton Group. The brand has over 10 different oven models that come within a capacity range of 17 to 30 liters. The price tags of the products begin at around BDT 8000 and move up to around BDT 17000. Most of the ovens come with a separate microwave, grill and convection functions. Models sometimes come with up to 10 automatic cooking functions. The interior cavity of the ovens is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain. Speedy, weight and time defrost are also available in most of the oven models. Other common features present in Marcel ovens include LED display, cooking timer, clock, a quick start option as well as easy to use digital controls. The doors are equipped with a child lock to prevent accidents. Glass turntables are also included with the ovens. The oven exteriors are made to be very elegant and attractive, utilizing a sophisticated pallet of design and color that would suit the taste of any customer. Some great models from the brand include the Marcel MG-20ATL Microwave Oven at around BDT 10000 and the Marcel MMWO-M30AS3 Microwave oven at around BDT 16000.

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