Miyako Iron Price in Bangladesh

Miyako is a Japanese Bangladeshi home appliance brand generally distributing in the Bangladeshi markets. The products of the Miyako brand are being marketed in Bangladesh through Hasib electronics currently. Ahmed trading was initially the main distributor of Miyako products which was established in 1976. Then the parent company was rebranded as Hasib Electronics. They also market the Comet brand of products. Miyako has been a recognized brand in the market of home and kitchen items and appliances in Bangladesh. Miyako containers and kitchen items like rice cookers are very popular in Bangladesh. Eventually, they moved to the production of electronic based products. Their current line has electric and gas cookers, blenders, water filters, rice cookers, Landlines, televisions and DVD players and more. Among these, they also have homecare products. The homecare products prominently feature the Miyako Iron range.

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Miyako Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Miyako Irons Price in Bangladesh
Miyako 3188 800 Taka
Miyako Eta-6h 1500 Taka


Miyako products are known for multiple utility and longevity among the users in the market. Miyako irons are not an exception to these qualities. Miyako has a very varied range of irons with great features for everyday use. Miyako irons are modeled in the MEI and the EI model names. Most of the Miyako range of products are Dry irons. But they also follow industry standards. These irons have great spray functions for better results. The Dry irons have smooth not sticky surfaced plates to ensure proper ironing. There is also 360-degree rotation to help with easy movement. The cords are also long, so you don’t have to stretch the cords consistently. There are also steam irons that have varied steam and heat functions with varied control options to boot. There are also self-cleaning options for the benefit of the users.

Miyako products are always known as reliable and easy to use with many options. The Iron range only compounds that fact. Miyako brings ingenuity and persistence in their devices.

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