Mosidun Earphone Price in Bangladesh

A good earphone or headphone is a vital thing for a music lover. A music lover can’t pass leisure without listening to music. If you are looking for an excellent brand to buy an earphone, then you can check out Mosidun.

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Mosidun Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Mosidun Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Mosidun MSD-M7 700 Taka
Mosidun MSD-M8 860 Taka
Mosidun MSD-H2 950 Taka
Mosidun MSD-930 400 Taka


This brand has a few products available in our country. One of them is Mosidun M7, which is a very good earphone. This earphone has soft ear tips, which ignores the external noise. It has a 3.5mm jack, a built-in microphone, and a call receiver. Length of the cable is 120cm, which is enough for an earphone.

This earphone is very comfortable as it has silicon ear tips. Wire of the earphone is very strong and long-lasting. Price of this one is 700 BDT approximately, and it has two colors available in the market which are black and white. Another great earphone from this brand is MSD-M8. This one is with round-shaped earbuds. It has a thin wire, but the wire is very strong. This earphone has a beautiful outlook, and it is very lightweight. It has two colors, and they are black and white, and it costs about 850 BDT.

There is a very different earphone from this brand, and that is Mosidun MSD - H2 Ear Clip Mic Headphone. This is actually a combination of headphone and earphone. Earbuds of this one look like headphone and other things look like an earphone. But it is very comfortable for use on any device. You can use it anywhere at any time. Price of this earphone from Mosidun is 950 BDT approximately.

All the products from this brand are very long-lasting and very good in performance. If you want one for you, then you can go without any doubt. Hopefully, more earphone and headphones will be available in upcoming days.

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