Myone Iron Price in Bangladesh

MyOne is a brand of home appliances, electronic solutions, and automotive product manufacturers based in Bangladesh. MyOne is jointly run along with MyChoice Hi-tech solutions with similar products. They also have a sub-brand called Minister which sells some specified products. MyOne has been a trusted local brand for electronics for a long time. MyOne corporation started as an electronics manufacturer in the year 2006. They gradually started making appliances and gained significant market share in time. They launched the aforementioned brands to distribute more services and products providing more variety. Their main products are LED TVs, air conditioners, microwave ovens, kitchen appliances, homecare products. They have a very varied range of products in their line up. Their homecare products also reflect that varied feel. One example of this is their range of electric irons.

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MyOne Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest MyOne Irons Price in Bangladesh
MyOne MY-Ypf 600 Taka
MyOne MY-6111 1400 Taka
MyOne MC-828 940 Taka
MyOne MC2055 500 Taka
MyOne MC286 1000 Taka


MyOne has always thought of bringing in new in-demand products to consumers. They have also thought of incorporating industry standards into their brand of products. This is the same for their irons. Their Iron range consists of both steam and dry irons. Each of their products is built with uses and special specifications in mind. The Jet steam iron provides the proper heat and steam control for stubborn fabrics. The dry iron gives very good movement and power-saving options with great controls. The dry iron series is perfect for daily household use. The iron range has been introduced to fulfill the special ironing needs of different users.

MyOne has been mindful of putting new and utility-based solutions for the proper appliances. MyOne irons also have these utilities in check. They bring on the best features and options for users, with a variety of different uses. MyOne has provided great options and alternatives for the appliance users, and they have brought the best in their Iron series as well.

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