Oma Treadmill Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a treadmill, then you must be looking for a good brand also. In Bangladesh, Oma Fitness is one of the leading brands, which is selling a treadmill in the market. This brand has many treadmills in the various price range.

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Oma Treadmill Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Oma Treadmills Price in Bangladesh
Oma 1340CB 33,905 Taka
Oma 1394CB 31,999 Taka
Oma 5921CA 69,900 Taka
Oma 1916CA 42,750 Taka
Oma 5710CA 47,000 Taka


OMA-2001EA Motorized Treadmill is a good treadmill with 3.0 HP DC motor. Top speed of this treadmill is 20 km per hour, and it has 15 percent incline. 24 built-in workout program will be provided in it. It has a beautiful outlook and comfortable to use. Price of this treadmill is 99,000 BDT.

In the low price range, you can go for the Oma 5921CA which costs 63,000 BDT. It has a 2.5 HP motor, and a top speed of this one is 18 km per hour, which is pretty good. As an additional feature, it has a cooling fan, an audio speaker. It can carry up to 140 kg user.

In the almost same price range, you can buy Oma 5730CA which costs 61,000 BDT. This one has the same specification as the previous one. It is like having two options in the same price range.

If you want to save more money, then go for OMA-1926CA. This one has a 2.0 HP DC motor, and a top speed of this one is 16 km per hour. It has an LCD backlit display and 12 percent incline. It has a quick speed and inclines button in it. You can easily operate it. This one is foldable, and you can move it easily as it has wheels under it. It costs 48,000 BDT.

Besides this Oma has 1916CA in 45,000 BDT which is also a good one. Oma 5110CB, 3201 EB, 1340CB are some models which are available between 32,000 – 40,000 BDT. This brand has a manual treadmill also. It will cost 20,000 BDT. It is a 6-way manual treadmill, which is equipped with digital display, foldable and carry up to 150 kg.

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