Panasonic Shaver Price in Bangladesh

Panasonic has been a leader in home appliance and technology items for over 100 years. It's a name for engineering excellence for home solutions for our collective memory. Since 1918, Panasonic has spread its wings all over the world. Now they operate in the major markets with innovative ideas and technical mastery. Panasonic has put its mark on every sphere of work in the technological industry. That also includes the personal care industry. Personal care is one industry of Panasonic, which has taken hold of and stretched its resources. Panasonic Shaving and grooming range have brought the products that are more than a cover for all your grooming needs. 

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Panasonic Shaver Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Panasonic Shavers Price in Bangladesh
Panasonic ES-SA40-K Pro 4,799 Taka
Panasonic ES3831-K 2,800 Taka
Panasonic ES-RT30
5,499 Taka
Panasonic ES-RT36 7,100 Taka
Panasonic ER2031K 4,950 Taka


Panasonic's grooming range puts the G in grooming. Products have been designed in a way that emphasizes the main demands of the average male. Many aspects of personal care are related to shaving and grooming. Panasonic gives special focus on the various use cases for these appliances. Their shaving and grooming range is consistent with shavers, trimmers, clippers. There are products for Nose and beard to replace blades and foils to boot. 

These products are also categorized in many ways. You can get lower to higher-priced categories. There are other categories like wet/dry, cleaning system, comb attachment, and pop up trimmer. You can get categorized products for professional, travel, blade, foil, combo, and detergent. So Panasonic lives up to the hype regarding shavers and grooming products. Panasonic currently has 91 products regarding shaving and grooming.

The list is getting longer with new products appearing on the market and counting. With a concentration on use cases, price sensitivity, efficiency, and power, Panasonic continues to bring power shaving and innovations. The products bring professional and smooth performance at spades with more still to come.


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