Rapoo Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co. Ltd, are a peripheral manufacturing company that specializes in making wireless peripherals and aim to provide their global customers with good quality products. Rapoo was established in 2002, and after decades of operating in this industry, they have made quite a reputation, especially in the Asian markets.
Rapoo mainly specializes in manufacturing wireless peripherals. It shows in their offerings of non-gaming keyboards; they manufacture wireless feature connectivity. So, they can offer the consumer more convenience by giving them one less cable to worry about on their desk, but they also manufacture wired keyboards as well.

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Rapoo Keyboard Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Rapoo Keyboards Price in Bangladesh
Rapoo 8200M 2200 Taka
Rapoo 9060M 2700 Taka
Rapoo x1960 1400 Taka 
Rapoo nk1700 510 Taka
Rapoo n2500 460 Taka


In terms of their non-gaming keyboards, Rapoo prefers to sell them in mouse and keyboard bundles and not standalone. The keyboards they manufacture come in different form factors and different features. Their non-gaming lineup of keyboards features sleek, modern, and stylish looking designs. Some models keep that traditional design of a keyboard while other models have low profile keycaps and compact form factors to look more stylish and elegant. Some keyboards also feature a tasteful backlight, which looks beautiful and helps to type in the dark. It features additional multi-media keys to make content consumption hassle-free.
In terms of gaming keyboards, Rapoo also has a wide range of offerings with different features. The gaming keyboards mostly have wired connections so that they have less latency while gaming. All the keyboards in their gaming category come with backlighting. Some models feature extensive customizability in terms of the lighting. Rapoo keyboards with both mechanical and membrane keys. Their mechanical keyboards have great build quality, but they don’t use high-end mechanical switches like the Cherry MX switches. Despite that, they are good entry-level mechanical keyboards.
Rapoo has good diversity in their keyboard lineup and provides good quality keyboards for non-gaming and gaming purposes.

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