Rapoo Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Technology has allowed us to live our life comfortably. Using it in the product is now the strategy for the brand to minimize our struggles of daily life. Rappo is the ultimate headset company which is determined to lessen our effort and maximize the charm of listening to music. A brand which has always been conscious of removing the difficulties of people by exploiting the power of innovation.

Started its journey in 2002, this company has always been aware of serving a maximum number of people. Intending to accomplish their goal, they began to serve globally. Now it’s recognized as the no.1 brand in China, and also it has created a positive mass response from users worldwide.     


Rapoo Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Rapoo Headphones Price in Bangladesh


Few things have to make Rappo so different. Firstly, to mention their shapes and designs. Rappo is a brand that always believes in innovation. They have headsets of different shapes, and they have creatively designed their products. Advanced noise-canceling technology provides the clearest sound to hear, and for trade-related communications, it becomes very suitable. Aso its can so easily be controlled with own hand which becomes pretty handy to use for the gamers.


Among their products, there are few names easy to mention, which has got the hype among the users. “Rapoo VH200 RGB Breathing Light HiFi Gaming Headphone Headset”, this is one the most demanded headphones. It is used facilitated technology in shaping and designing it. “Rapoo H6020 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphone Headset” is another name which is recognized as a practical choice for the customers based on its price and quality. It is priced at nearly 2,500 BDT. Basically, the price level of Rappo’s headphones visits between 2000 to 10000 BDT. The price reach varies to some extent because “Rappo” hasn’t set any fixed price rating for the reselling cost.

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