Remax Microphone Price in Bangladesh

The youngsters have got a very different taste than the older ones and youngsters are the one who is dominating the current world. To meet the various demands and choices of young people, Remax is always there to serve them. Just like their target customer, Remax is also a young company which started its journey back in 2008. This brand is basically an Authorized Agent which is headquartered in Miami, Florida.  Though this a comparatively a young brand still it has achieved many things, especially the trust of the young people.

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Remax Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Remax Microphones Price in Bangladesh
Remax CK100 995 Taka
Remax K02 1790 Taka
Remax RMK K01 390 Taka


It is the fashion, style, and quality of the products that have attracted the youngsters towards the brand Remax. This brand has launched more than 700 series of products till now, and most of the products are of new technology and stylish design. Remax has always aimed at delivering superior value and producing high-quality, trendy products, and this is the reason behind having much name and fame. 

Variation and diversification are the two key competitive advantages of Remax. They have varieties of products, and those products have differences in design, built-in quality, and features. Microphones are one of those products that Remax sells the most, and these microphones have a huge demand in the market. The most popular microphones are RMK-K01 microphone for smartphone, Remax CK100, Remax K02, and many more. They have also kept Bluetooth headphone with microphone, wired and wireless microphone.

Remax K02 mini microphone is mini in size, very easy to move and have a built-in rechargeable battery. This microphone is compatible with both iPhone and Android phone. Remax CK100 is a mobile studio microphone, and with this, you will also get an adjustable stand with a pop filter. You can adjust it according to your need, which made it very convenient to carry. On the other hand, RMK-K01 is a microphone for the smartphone, which is mini in size, have high sensitivity that ensures clear sound, and it is very easy to move. So you can use it anytime you want. 

Remax has made very lucrative pricing for customers because they are giving you high quality and unique features at a very affordable rate. Most of their microphone ranges from BDT 1500 to 4000, but they even have microphone costing lower than BDT 1000. The price of RMK-K01 is around BDT 800, Remax CK100 is around BDT 1400 whereas Remax K02 is around BDT 2200. Remax is such a brand which cares for every class of people, and this has helped them make a strong position in the customer's minds.

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