RFL Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

RFL is one of the largest conglomerate brands in Bangladesh. For decades the brand has marketed a whole host of products in different categories. The brand maintains a good line of gas stove ovens that are of very high quality. These ovens are known to be the best of their kind that is currently available in the market. The ovens come with a great many useful features and functions that make them ideal for everyday use. The ovens maintain some of the top standards when it comes to their quality and design. They are also very reasonably priced and are within the affordability range of the general public.

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RFL Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest RFL Ovens Price in Bangladesh
RFL 828640 37900 Taka
RFL 828641 34500 Taka


RFL specializes in gas stove ovens that are priced roughly between BDT 30000 and BDT 40000. The ovens come with four multi-gas euro type gas burners for all your everyday cooking needs. There is a push-button ingestion function for the top burners. Cast iron pan support and safety sensors make the ovens extra reliable. The ovens are equipped with luminous inner lamps for better viewing. The mechanical timer is also included in the oven design that aids in cooking. The ovens also come with glass top lid and double glass oven doors for extra functionality. Chicken turnspit is available for cooking poultry. Other accessories, such as the Oven tray and oven grid, are also included with the purchase of the units. The ovens also come with Natural Gas nozzle sets completely charge-free. The exterior design features of the ovens are sharp, modern, and stylish that would suit any modern kitchen setting. RFL also provides its customers with very generous after-sale terms alongside the purchase of these great products. Some great models from the brand are the RFL Gas Oven Ambrosia 828640 at around BDT 38000 and the RFL Gas Oven Ambrosia 828641 at around BDT 35000.

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