Sebec AC Price in Bangladesh

Sebec is a consumer electronics brand that deals in numerous electronic appliance categories including Air Conditioners. The brand has been in the AC industry for some time. In a very short period, the brand has made a good name for itself through its excellent products. Sebec ACs are known for their affordability and functionality above all else. The brand lacks in the number of models it has available. But it makes up for this shortfall through its uncompromising product quality. The brand also makes use of great designs in their products that are sure to catch any one’s fancy. Currently, Sebec has a prominent presence in the country’s AC market.


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Sebec AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sebec Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh


Sabec primarily deals in split ACs of varying capacities. In terms of unit BTU, the brand’s ACs range from 18000 to 24000. The BUT in their popular 2.0 Ton category is 24000, which makes these ACs adequate for large rooms and living spaces. The ACs have a two-way airflow system to enable efficiently and even cooling.

Heavy-duty compressors make it possible for the ACs to perform rapid cooling. The AC designs include 100% copper tubing for the most reliable performance. Onboard filters constantly supply the room with clean and hygienic air. The ACs also have refrigerant leakage detection function to identify any accidental leakage of refrigerants. Sebec ACs have a self-cleaning function as well as washable filters which makes maintenance easy and hassle-free.

Some of the other notable functions in the ACs include ionizer, digital display, timer function, sleep mode, auto restart function, and turbo operation function. Sebec also offers very favorable and customer-friendly installation terms and charges. All of this is backed up by Sebec’s excellent track record of customer service and warranty. One of the very popular models from the brand is the Sebec SAC24KP1 2.0 Tons Split AC at BDT 57000.  


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