Sebec Iron Price in Bangladesh

Sebec is an electronics and home appliance manufacturing brand currently being distributed in many countries, including the southeast Asian countries. Sebec brand has been in business on a worldwide scale for many years now. Sebec has a wide variety of home appliances ranging from large scale to small range accessories. The Sebec brand is registered to be distributed by Epique distributions in many regions. Sebec products are known for their coverage of most of the useful range of appliance solutions, and their brand delivers on that promise more often than not. Sebec range of products includes a variety of options, including air conditioning, kitchen appliances, household cleaning appliances, entertainment products, and homecare products. Their homecare product range has vast options for customers to choose from. Their Iron range of products is such an example.

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Sebec Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sebec Irons Price in Bangladesh
Sebec SDI 8 700 Taka
Sebec SSI-9WG 1200 Taka
SEBEC SDI-7 700 Taka


Sebec concentrates their product development on major features of a device that provides key utilities for users. They also ensure the compact performance from their products as well. Their iron range of products echoes their product development sentiment within each model.
Their iron range consists of dry irons and heavy irons. The dry iron range has a firm concentration of regular household usage. The power options are sufficient and take up a minuscule power amount to get the jobs done. There is a variant of heating options in the irons that help with each type of clothes. Their heavy irons are built for bulk pressing and have spray actions for easy and smoothing performance. The plate underneath is non-stick and smooth to prevent any heat damage to fabrics. The cord and handles are designed to provide easy handling and movement options.

Sebec irons are made with thought and care for everyday ironing and heavy-duty pressing for different fabric types. Sebec is bringing in more new models and a series of irons to fulfill new demands for ironing uses.

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