Sewoo Printer Price in Bangladesh

The world-famous brand Samsung is not just a company rather it’s a conglomeration of many subsidiary companies. The South Korean multi-national conglomerate was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938. Its headquarter is situated in Samsung Town, Seoul. At first it started its journey as a trading company and over the years the group of companies diversified into many different sectors such as food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, electronics, retail and many other. The brand has a great reputation and it's brand value in 2014 was 45,462 million USD. Besides, it is among the top 10 brands around the world. Keeping pace with its branches Samsung has flourished greatly in the manufacturing world’s finest printers. Customers around the world have great demand for Samsung printers. From the smallest of the printers, for home use to larger industrial printers are manufactured and supplied by the company.

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Sewoo Printer Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sewoo Printers  Price in Bangladesh 
Sewoo slk-ts400 11500 Taka
Sewoo lk-tl200 11500 Taka
Sewoo slk-tl210 12000 Taka
Sewoo lk-t213 14000 Taka
Sewoo slk-te212 12500 Taka


With regular R&D investment in mini-printers and superior quality the company has excelled with greatspeed in the printer market around the globe. The company supplies many different kinds of POS printers, and label printers. Among its thousands of models some of the finest printers are, Sewoo SLK- TS400 Printer with LAN speed 220mm, LK-B20 label printer which is a direct printer, LK-T213 Thermal POS Printer best for high speed printing which can be up to 300mm/sec, LK-P21 Wireless POS Printerwhich is of very light weight with robust durable structure, LK-B24 Label Printer which is a compact desktop label printer with speed up to 127mm/sec etc. Within a short period the company has earned good reputation in the printer markets.

The company mainly supplies the mini-printers so its price range is not that huge. In Bangladesh the price range starts from 11,500BDT and extends up to 27,000BDT. The price of the smallest POS printer which is LK-TL200 Thermal POS Printer is around 11,500BDT in Bangladeshi market. Then there is LK-B20 Label Printer which has a price of 24,000BDT.The price of an LK-B30 Label Printer is around 22,000BDT. An LK-B24 Label Sewoo Printer costs around 27,000BDT which is one of the finest of its kind.

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