Sony Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Sony is the name of a trust, a belief. Sony has earned a huge faith in the market, and they are the one who provides the premium products and gives the best service. Purpose of this well-known brand is to fill the world with emotion with the help of creativity and technology. The predecessor of Sony was the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation which was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka. When they started, they had approximately 20 employees, whereas now it is one of the largest corporations in the world. The main intention and purpose of this company were to do something that nobody has ever done before. To fulfill the goal, they started to make innovative products which were first and new to the world.

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Sony Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Sony Microphones Price in Bangladesh 
Sony FV-100 Microphone 3000 Taka
Sony ECM-CS10 Microphone 7000 Taka
Sony F-V420 Microphone 10000 Taka


Sony has a wide range and collection of products. They are among those brands who create new trends, and this is why they are in a strong position in the industry. Sony is the master of innovation, and this is such a brand where you will get various types of products. This brand manufacture different versions of a product. Among the products in their product line, the microphone is one of the best ones. They are offering both wired and wireless microphone to their customers. In the wired category, there are a handheld microphone, shotgun microphones, lavalier and headset microphones, studio microphones, and many more.

The wired microphones of Sony are mostly for the operations of broadcasting, theater, and field productions. The handheld microphones are of much sensitivity and are robust with low handling noise. On the other hand, the best part of shotgun microphones is it can accurately pick up sound far from the camera, and mostly used for studio and field works. The lavalier and headset microphones can give you optimum speech quality, whereas the studio microphones are for vocal or instrumental recording. 

As Sony has targeted the premium customers and they are giving superior service and ensuring better quality, so their pricing is a bit higher than the other brands. The prices of the microphone of Sony starts from BDT 2000, and they have different ranges of products too. The prices seem a bit higher, but if you consider the features they are giving, then you will feel the price is reasonable. They always go the extra mile for the consumers, and this is the specialty of Sony.

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