Toshiba Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Toshiba is a Japanese Electronics & Tech brand that is considered to be one of the top home electronics brands. The brand is famous for its quality electronics products, including its line of exemplary refrigerators. Toshiba maintains a strict and uncompromising standard when it comes to the quality of their refrigerators. The refrigerators are best defined as stylish, affordable, and reliable. They incorporate some of the best hardware and technology available in the market. The line of refrigerators is further backed up by the universally praised Japanese engineering. All of this, alongside a world-class after-sales reputation, has made Toshiba one of the best refrigerator brands in the world.

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Toshiba Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Toshiba Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Toshiba GR-A 33 45000 Taka
Toshiba GR-AG 375 66000 Taka
Toshiba GR-B 285 38000 Taka
Toshiba HG55 104000 Taka


Toshiba was established in 1939 as a local tech company in Japan. Today it has diversified itself into a global consumer electronics giant with operations spanning across many different countries.

 The brand maintains a good collection of single door, top-mounted, bottom-mounted, and side by side refrigerators. The capacity of the refrigerators generally ranges from 150 liters to 500 liters. Toshiba also covers a very wide price range that starts at around BDT 16000 and tops of at around BDT 110000. The refrigerators come with hybrid cooling technology that keeps the food fresh for longer. The smart inverter compressors operate efficiently consume less electricity than other models in the market. The doors are reversible in most models with a magnetic door seal. The direct cooling and optimized insulation help keep the freezing chamber nice and cool. The doors are also equipped with a lock and key system. The automatic deodorizer keeps the refrigerators free from any stench. The refrigerators incorporate a modern external design that can elevate the beauty of any interior. Some popular models from the brand include the Toshiba GR-R39SED (SZ) refrigerator at around BDT 70000 and the Toshiba GR-TG46SEDZ (XK) refrigerator at around BDT 100000.



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