TOTOLINK Router Price in Bangladesh

TOTOLINK is a re-known brand for manufacturing network communication products. In 1999 the company was established, and this brand also manufactures Wi-Fi router. Here in Bangladesh, some models of Wi-Fi routers from this brand are available. In the various price range, you can get a suitable one for you.

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TOTOLINK Router Price List in Bangladesh

Latest TOTOLINK Routers Price in Bangladesh
Totolink N100RE 150Mbps 1,100 Taka
Totolink N200RE 300Mbps 1,500 Taka
Totolink N302R+ 300Mbps 1,735 Taka
Totolink A3 AC1200 Mini 2,300 Taka
Totolink N300RH 3,300 Taka


If you need a Wi-Fi router which has 150 Mbps data transfer rate, this brand has many options for you. In 950 BDT you can buy   TOTOLINK N100RE, which is a very normal one. For a little bit updated model, you have to spend 1,400 BDT for TOTOLINK N150RT and 2,100 BDT for TOTOLINK G150R. TOTOLINK G150R supports both 3G and 4G. That’s why the price of this one is high. There is a unique one named TOTOLINK iPuppy5, which is a portable router. You can easily carry it anywhere. It costs 1,800 BDT. For more coverage and to connect more devices, 300 Mbps routers are better. From 1,300 to 2,500 BDT you can get a suitable one for you.

In 1,300 BDT you can own a TOTOLINK N200RE. For a little bit updated one with three antennas, you can get a TOTOLINK N302R+ in 1,650 BDT. For both 3G and 4G supportable one TOTOLINK G300R in 2,500 BDT is available. TOTOLINK ND300 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router can be used as modem also which costs 1,850 BDT. If you don’t need this feature go for the other models which will save your money. For office space or a place where many users connect their devices to Wi-Fi needs more powerful Wi-Fi routers. To cover up these places, this brand has 600 Mbps and 1200 Mbps routers. You have to spend from 2,300 to 3,800 BDT for this type of routers. TOTOLINK A850R AC1200 High Power Wireless Dual Band AP/Router is a great one which costs 3,700 BDT.

TOTOLINK has many routers within the different price range and multiple configurations. Get the one which matches your requirements.

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