UGREEN Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Ugreen is a premium accessory brand that provides some very unique products. We will talk about Ugreen power banks here. Ugreen power banks are a pretty premium and high range of power banks. There are only 3 models from Ugreen power bank are available in Bangladesh market. You have to spend some good amount of money if you want to buy a power bank from Ugreen.

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UGREEN Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest UGREEN Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Ugreen wireless  3700 Taka
Ugreen 10000 mah 3500 Taka


Let's talk about the lowest price power bank from Ugreen available in Bangladesh market. That's Ugreen 10000 mAh power bank with USB type C port and pretty impressive in quality. This power bank has a USB port, a micro USB port, and also a USB type c port! This powerbank supports fast charge. This power bank's most amazing feature is has a built-in GO pro-action cam battery slot. That means you don't need to worry about your Go pro battery life. This Ugreen power bank will solve your charging problem very fast. With all these amazing features, this power bank costs only around 2650 taka. 

Another power bank from Ugreen is available in Bangladesh is Ugreen MFI apple certified power bank. This is also a 10000 mAh power bank. This power bank has a lightning cable for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S8, etc. this power bank can charge iPhone X 5 times, iPhone 8 5 times and iPhone 8 Plus 5 times, Samsung Galaxy S8 5 times and S8 Plus 4.1 times. The build quality of this power bank is pretty amazing. The battery of the power bank is a lithium polymer battery. So you can get better performance than other power banks. This power bank automatically recognizes devices. This amazing power bank will cost you around 3500 taka only.

There is also a rechargeable power bank case for iPhone X from Ugreen. This power case is 3600 mAh battery powered. It can charge your iPhone X anytime, anywhere. It easily fits iPhone X and also looks very good.So don't wait, just grab a power bank from Ugreen.



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