Vigo Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Vigo is a lifestyle and home appliance brand concentrating on electronic solutions. Vigo or iVigo concentrate their manufacturing efforts into the needs of all parts of the home. The home is a multifaceted structure that needs different products for different needs. You need refrigerators for keeping your food fresh, TVs for entertainment, oven for cooking needs, ACs for comfort and so on. Vigo presents all of these solutions in one place. They have a great variant of items for home and to improve the standards of living. They also have great solutions for room heaters that are very good for heat control.

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Vigo Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Delonghi Room Heaters Price in Bangladesh
Vigo Room Heater Cozy 1,300 Taka
Vigo Room Heater Balmy 2,120 Taka


Vigo room heaters have many varieties. Each Room heater variety concentrates on the type of heat it will deliver. There are many line ups of heaters. There are easy heaters which give ease of use, cozy heaters ensure comfort for the users, and balmy heaters give extra heat for extra cooling. Room heater is a very tricky appliance to get right. You would want the best amount of air delivery with comfort on the back of your mind. You would also want to ensure power consumption at the lowest level so that your bills don’t go through the roof.

Vigo room heaters bring all of these things and more to the table. There are multiple options for wind control in their fan heaters and overheat protection inside the heaters so that nothing gets too uncomfortable. You can adjust the heat according to your will with the adjustable thermostat. A safety fuse is installed there and a handle for carrying advantage. Vigo packs all of these benefits into their room, heaters for the best usage for customers. Vigo is bringing more designs and models for varying uses. So Vigo heaters are great home appliances for all of your heating needs.

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