Walton Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Walton is a Bangladeshi consumer product based company focusing on electronics, telecommunication, and automotive products. Walton is a very ambitious project that started in Bangladesh. In terms of automotive vehicles, appliances, and mobiles, it is the norm for Bangladeshi users to be using foreign products. It was never considered that any company would produce, promote, and distribute these types of products in Bangladesh. Walton changed this perception by actually doing just that. 

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Walton Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Walton Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
Walton Primo E10 4,500 Taka
Walton Primo NF4 Turbo 6,699 Taka
Walton Primo H8 Pro 8,499 Taka
Walton Primo H8 Turbo 7,999 Taka
Walton Primo R6 Max 10,999 Taka


Walton was established in 1977 as a trading company. Over time and with the success of its other ventures, Walton was able to set up their operations in Bangladesh. Walton set up factories within Bangladesh to manufacture its own range of appliances. In time they also started manufacturing motorcycles and parts as well. Walton also understood the need for local mobile demand. So they started manufacturing their own mobile devices. In time they started also producing smartphones and thus started their foray into the mobile industry ventures of Walton.

Walton mobile ventures started along with their appliance ventures. Like many manufacturers in the local market, they also started by making button-based mobile phones. These phones were made for normal mobile communications with very minimalistic features. But in time, the need for smartphones arose. At that time, foreign companies were engaged in smartphone distribution. The need for local companies to provide smartphones were very much apparent. 

The companies selling smartphones at the time had more expensive options. But not all of the customers could afford these products from the companies. Need for smartphones with a good specification but within reasonable prices were started. At the time, android phones had already flooded the market. The open-source nature of android made it very convenient for manufacturers to bring in the android system to their devices. 

In those times, the manufacturing of smartphones was getting very convenient, and the android system had a lot of advantages. It lets the configurations of hardware match very easily with the operating system and the assisting applications. So there was more hardware available to operate the android phones. As Walton has already very hi-tech factories, assembly of such phones was now much easier to do. So Walton started work on their own range of smartphone products. The chipset was mostly MediaTek with GPUs from the same company. So Walton had started making inroads into the local market.

They branded their smartphone range as Primo. Walton Primo brand of smartphones started to be distributed in Walton Showrooms. Walton primo sets initially were entry-level android phones that provided minimal specifications. Walton phones at that time were very good even for their low price tags. Walton started to bring in a more varied line of mobiles that provided more options and performance than its price. Walton introduced its flagship mobile sets that almost had premium level specifications just under $200. This was a very refreshing option for Bangaldeshi local customers. As the people were looking for mid-range options at very reasonable prices, Primo series of phones delivered that in spades.

The Primo X2 was a revolutionary mobile that had an almost premium level of features in a mid-range phone. After the release of Primo X2, Walton started bringing in more premium level of features in their phones. They presented the X series as the flagship series with premium-level features at a high-mid price range. They also arranged may other series of phones to be released for mass consumption. The performance of the Walton phones was almost as par with the foreign brands. This gave users more options to switch to local brands as the specs were getting higher, and the price was lower. 

Walton started to focus more and more on certain features of the ever-changing phone industry. The biometric fingerprint lock system was added to most of the mobiles. The camera specifications were being standardized, and Walton followed suit. Walton started giving very decent camera experience with more concentration on clarity and night time photography. The hardware for processing also changed with the times with RAM size and cores in the processors. Walton had established themselves locally as a competitor to even foreign brands.

Walton still maintains a competitive position among the smartphone manufacturers in Bangladesh. It has multiple series running that focuses on various price ranges and on various specific features, even within that price range. Their optimization of hardware and software is top-notch. In recent mobiles, they have provided the notch, and the face unlocks as well as following industry standards. They are still making smartphones that are quite low in price but rich with specifications. They also provide gaming support even in lower range mobiles with the likes of PUBG. Walton prides itself being a local brand, and it brings the best features of the industry for the masses of the local markets in Bangladesh.

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