Zebra Printer Price in Bangladesh

Zebra Technologies, most commonly known as Zebra, is a public company which is doing a great business in the computer hardware industry. The company was founded in the year 1969 by Ed Kaplan and Gerhard Cless. It’s headquarter is situated in Lincolnshire, USA. The company was formerly known as Data Specialties Incorporated and focused mainly on manufacturing high-speed electromechanical products. Presently, the company manufactures different marking, tracking, and computer printing technologies. Its product line includes different types of printers, real-time locating systems, UWB, and related supplies and services, etc.

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Zebra Printer Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Zebra printers  Price in Bangladesh
Zebra ZXP SERIES 3 dUALSIDE 84000 Taka
Zebra ZXP SERIES 7  285000 Taka 
Zebra GK888T 19500 Taka
Zebra GT800 19500 Taka


Zebra tech is one of the best printer brands around the world. The company manufactures and sells all types of printers which includes desktop printers, industrial printers, mobile printers, card printers, RFID printers and many others. It supplies its products all around the world and in the recent years thecompany has managed to attain a great demand for its printers all around the world. Its ZD620 Series

Desktop Printers are of great printing quality with great flexibility and management simplicity. Then there are ZD420 Series Desktop Printers with great ease of use and application flexibility. The company also supplies great industrial model printers of different series such as ZT600 Series Industrial Printers,ZT400 Series Industrial Printers, and ZT200 Series Industrial Printers etc.

As the company supplies many different kind of printers such as desktop printers, industrial printers and mobile printers etc. so their price ranges also vary similarly. The price range for desktop printers varies roughly around 3,500BDT to around 35/40,000BDT. Whereas for industrial printers this price range may extend up to around 120 to 130,000BDT


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