Fujitsu Laptop Price in Bangladesh

The Japanese company, Fujitsu is one of the oldest names in the IT sector. The brand is often associated with excellent quality and craftsmanship when it comes to its laptops. The company has been devoted to its single-minded approach to providing notebooks and Ultrabook's for exclusive business use.

The company may have a small offering compared to its counterparts but its products span across a diverse price range. Every Fujitsu comes with the added perk of having the top-quality Japanese engineering and quality. Today, the brand has a great image of being one of the best notebook producers for business use.

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Fujitsu Laptop Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Fujitsu Laptops  Price in Bangladesh
Fujitsu AH544 55800 Taka
Fujitsu Slimbook AH552 35500 Taka
Fujitsu Lifebook A544 37000 Taka
Fujitsu Lifebook A555 27000 Taka
Fujitsu S937 125000 Taka

Fujitsu was established in 1935 as Fuji Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing. Today it is one of the oldest and most successful companies of its kind dealing in all types of computing products. The company produces its laptops under the name LIFEBOOK. Within this line, there are sub-lines like “Superior Notebooks” which have good specs and elegant design, “Advanced Notebooks” for fulfilling corporate demand and “All-Round Notebooks” for standard home and office tasks.

The price range of the various models is quite diverse with initial laptops costing around BDT 27000 and the more premium models costing as high as BDT 175000. The laptops come within screen sizes of 12 and 16 inches with the weight between 2-3kg. The processors are mostly Intel Core (i3, i5, i7), Pentium and Celeron processors of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th generation. The CPU is mostly Dual or Quad Core with speed ranging between 1.5GHz and 2.5 GHz. The operating system for most laptops is Windows with some models incorporating DOS OS.

The RAM comes in between 4GB and 8GB with graphics card ranging up to 1GB. Screen resolution for most laptops is either 1366x768 or 1920x1080 pixels. Storage space ranges from 320GB to 1TB in built-in hard disc. The battery life of the devices ranges between 3 to 9 hours with all laptops having a minimum warranty of 1 year. For entry-level laptops Fujitsu has the Fujitsu Lifebook A555 Notebook 5th Gen Core i3 with 4GB RAM, 1TB storage and DOS OS at around BDT 27000, the Fujitsu Lifebook A544 Notebook 4th Gen Core i5 with 4GB RAM, 500GB storage, Intel HD Graphics 4600 and Free DOS OS at around BDT 37000.

The Fujitsu Slimbook AH552 Laptop 3rd Gen Core i3 with 4GB RAM, 500GB Storage and DOS OS at around BDT 35500 and the Fujitsu Lifebook A544 Notebook 4th Gen Corei5 4GB RAM, 500GB storage Intel HD Graphics 4600 and Free DOS at around BDT 37000. At the mid-level we have good models like the Fujitsu Lifebook U537 Core i5 7th Generation 4GB Ram 1TB HD Laptop at around BDT 75000, the Fujitsu Lifebook U537 Core i7 7th Gen 4GB Ram 1TB HD Laptop at around BDT 85000 and the Fujitsu P Core i5 Notebook 7th 2GB 320GB Intel HD Graphics 300 with Win7 pro at around BDT 78000.

At the top of Fujitsu’s market offering, we have models like the Fujitsu S937 Core i7 7th Generation 8GB Ram 1TB HDD 13.3" Full HD Laptop at around BDT 125000 and the Fujitsu Lifebook UH552 Laptop 8th Gen Corei7 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD at around BDT 170000.

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