Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh

Many bike users are in Bangladesh. Some of them use it as a vehicle, and some use it because of their passion. In Bangladesh, there are many motorbike brands. Many of them are from different countries. From those brands, Hero is one of them. Hero is an Indian brand which is very popular here in Bangladesh. If you are willing to buy a bike, you can check out this brand.

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Hero Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Hero Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Hero Hunk Matt SD
151,990 Taka
Hero Hunk Matt DD
161,990 Taka
Hero Ignitor 
1,10,990 Taka
Hero Achiever
1,19,990 Taka
Hero Glamour
1,20,990 Taka


In the 150-cc segment, this brand has Hero Xtreme Sports. This naked sportbike comes with a 149.2 cc engine which can produce 15.6 bhp power @ 8500 rpm and 13.50 NM torque @ 7000 rpm. The engine of this bike is an air-cooled engine with single-cylinder. The bike has 5 gears in it. Top speed of this bike is 135 km per hour. Wheels of this bike are made of alloy and weight of this bike is 146 kg. Though the weight is heavy, it gives more stability in high speed. The bike can carry 12 liters of fuel at a time, and it can run about 45 km for burning 1-liter fuel. Both the electric start and the kick-starting systems are available in this bike. The bike has carburetor in it. The wheels of this bike are tubeless. It has telescopic suspension in the front and rectangular Swing Arm suspension in the rear. This bike has an Advanced Microprocessor Ignition System and LED tail lamp in it. With all these great features this bike costs 175,000 BDT if you buy the single disc variant. If you want this bike with rear disc also then you will have to pay 192,000 BDT.

Another well-known 150cc bike from this brand is Hero Hunk. This bike is ruling in the market for the last few years. It has a 150cc air-cooled engine, but it is not as powerful as Hero Xtreme sport. The engine of Hero Hunk can produce 14.4 Ps power @ 8500 rpm and 12.80 Nm torque @ 6500 rpm. Top speed of this bike is 120 km per hour. It has 5 gears in it, and mileage of this bike is about 45 km per liter. Both kick-starting system and electric starting systems are available in it, and it can carry 12.4 liters of fuel at a time. This bike has a nice muscular look. The sitting position of this bike is very comfortable. With a single disc, this bike will cost 150,000 BDT. You have to pay 10,000 BDT more if you want this bike with a dual disc.

Another 150cc bike from this brand is Hero Achiever with a very reasonable price.  The price of this bike is 120,000 BDT. Though the power of this bike is slightly less than Hero Hunk, it will provide you a satisfying performance. Top speed of this bike is 110 km per hour, and the mileage of this bike is 55 km per liter which is very good. It has a disc brake only in the front. This bike has a standard look for office going, people. Another 125cc bike from Hero is Hero Ignitor, which looks very smart. It is very new in the market. Price of this bike is 118,000 BDT. It has disc brake in the front. It has 5 gears in it. If you are in a low budget, then you can buy Hero Glamour which costs 110,000 BDT. This one is also a 125cc bike, but it has 4 gears in it. For a great mileage, Hero has Splendor series. In 115,000 BDT Hero Motocorp Splendor Pro is available and in a low price, Hero Splendor Plus is available in 93,000 BDT. These bikes from Splendor series runs about 70 km per liter. Hero HF Deluxe is another fuel-efficient bike from this brand. With self-start, it costs 92,000 BDT, and with a kick start, it costs 83,000 BDT approximately. Hero Splendor iSmart 110 is a smart-looking bike from this brand. It has i3s technology in it which save fuel in the traffic jam. Price of this bike is 100,000 BDT.

For scooter lovers, this brand has Hero Pleasure which is a great bike. It has a 100cc air-cooled engine. Top speed of this one is about 70 km per hour, and the mileage of this bike is 50 km per liter. It can carry 5-liters fuel at a time. The bike has variomatic gear system in it, and it has drums brake both in front and rear. Price of this beautiful scooter is 120,000 BDT. This brand is selling their bike for a long time here in Bangladesh. As all the bikes from this brand provide satisfying performance, the brand has a great place in the bike market. If you are thinking about to buy a bike, then you can check out this brand to get a suitable bike for you. Hero has many options in the various price range for all kind of users.



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