HTC Mobile Price in Bangladesh

HTC is a Taiwanese mobile manufacturer. HTC has been an instrumental part of the smartphone revolution. It is probably one of the companies in the market that originates from making smartphones first and foremost. HTC stands for High Tech Computer Corporation. Although it has other prospects, HTC is most engaged with making smartphones. HTC started making windows mobile phones. Then it was part of the manufacturer alliance for making and developing Android smartphones. So its part in the inception stages of the Android boom cannot be overlooked. HTC has had a very long and healthy relationship with Google and has collaborated with them on many projects.

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HTC Mobile Price List in Bangladesh

Latest HTC Mobiles Price in Bangladesh
HTC Wildfire X 14,000 Taka
HTC Desire 19+ 26,000 Taka
HTC U12+ 37,000 Taka
HTC U12 life 21,500 Taka
HTC U19e 40,000 Taka


As mentioned above, HTC has been in the smartphone business since the very first days of the terms coined. HTC initially made phones that ran on the Windows mobile system. They developed the first touch and wireless handset way back in 1998. They were developing Windows mobile-based personal digital assistant devices in the 2000s. But eventually, they focused their attention on the development of smartphone devices with Android in them. HTC was the manufacturers who made the first Android mobile the HTC dream. Since then, they had collaborated with Google on Google’s own phone series. They were the first manufacturers of the Google Nexus series collaborating with Google to make the Nexus one. 

HTC has been putting out phones from their banner and also through its collaborative efforts with Google. HTC mobiles utilize the flexible android mobile environment. The optimization of the software and hardware is always a focal point of the HTC phones. HTC mobiles have also been at the forefront of developing phones with better processing and speed. Before the advent of smartphones, people never really thought of specs as deeply as they do now. The brand name was the driving force back then. But specifications, optimization became a major point in purchase decisions after smartphones became the mainstream phones to use. HTC was always in the category of leading the charge with its Google partnership. Other than this, their HTC One series of phones were one of the top releases of 2010-2015. HTC One was a beast of a phone that gave the iPhone 5s a run for their money. After that, HTC has introduced a series of phones of various ranges that use the Android environment to its maximum potential. The specifications are appropriate, and the phones have multiple budget based series. 

HTC also has another unique selling point in their phones, and that is called the HTC sense UI. The HTC sense UI is laid upon the Android system. The HTC sense UI is one of the unique Android interfaces periods. The special customization, icons, placement, and other features make the user experience, second to none. This user interface has been a staple of HTC phones even now. HTC is changing with the times and has adapted market standards of smartphone manufacturer. They are still very much Android driven. The HTC bolt, HTC U12 is the latest to be released. The design and presentation of the HTC signature smartphone have not changed. But the overall experience has been very much modified to suit the taste buds of smartphone enthusiasts. HTC has maintained its healthy working relationship with Google. Very recently, they collaborated with Google on their Pixel phone series. HTC bring their brand of tight manufacturing and optimization to the Pixel phones as well. In turn, Pixel has enjoyed great success as one of the anticipated releases of the year. HTC phones have great performance and reliability that carrying on with their traditional way of making smartphones.


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